Provision a CAP-only SKU Aruba wireless AP to VC

I recently had a problem with my newly purchased Aruba AP-305 not being able to be added to the VC. The solution was discovered through research.

Firstly, use the following command to show the provisioning log:

show log provision

If you got something like “ADP info: CAP-only sku. Will set it as standalone mode“. This is due to the lack of CCODE (i.e. Country-Code)  in this AP. The solution is also simple.

  1. Connect the serial cable to the console port of Aruba AP
  2. Reset the AP
  3. Hit any key to break into apboot >
  4. proginv system ccode CCODE-[CC]-[SHA1]

    (replace [SHA1] with the SHA-1 hash of “[CC]-[SN]” ([CC] is your AP’s Restricted Regulatory Domain, like RW, US, JP and IL), and [SN] is the serial number)

    US – Restricted Regulatory Domain – US
    JP – Restricted Regulatory Domain – Japan
    IL – Restricted Regulatory Domain – Israel
    RW or UNRST – Rest of the World (Unrestricted)

    For example CCODE-RW-de6fdb363ff04c13ee261ec04fbb01bdd482d1cd

  5. invent -w
  6. dhcp
  7. setenv serverip [TFTP_Server_IP]
  8. upgrade os 0 [ArubaInstant_Firmware]
  9. upgrade os 1 [ArubaInstant_Firmware]
  10. factory_reset
  11. saveenv
  12. reset

Now it’s done.